Praise for Pat’s Work

Here’s a hand-picked collection of some kind words shared about Pat and his projects.


“Pat Flynn’s new book Let Go is a must read for anyone new or old to the information marketing business or anyone who wants more out of life than they’re currently experiencing. It’s a rally call to ‘Let Go’, trust, and take bold steps toward creating a life that’s better than you ever imagined, especially if you have no clue how to do it.”


“I bought and read your Let Go Snippet and let me tell you, it’s amazing! I didn’t know someone could pack so much inspiration into a few thousand words ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for putting it together; it has refueled my desire to succeed in my online business. I’m immensely thankful for all that you do through SPI and for the personal advice you gave me.”


“Thanks for the amazing experience with your Snippet book. The short form was so fantastic to get through quickly, and the video makes it so much easier for me to connect to your story than text alone. Above all, it really helped for me to share the video of April and your kids with my wife. My humble congratulations to you good man!”


Let Go has re-inforced in me a belief in myself and has helped me take my own ‘chains’ off of my potential. Iโ€™m still learning all of the technical stuff but Pat has taught me to ‘Let Go’ and act. If you buy and read this Snippet, he will inspire you as well.”


Let Go is Patโ€™s personal story of leaving his job and starting his entrepreneurial journey. But the a exciting part of this particular book project is that Pat is one of the first authors to be publishing on a brand new publishing platform โ€” Snippet.”


“I wanted to drop you a note and say, WOW! Let Go is amazing. This book/Snippet really hit home for me and my wife. Last April we quit our jobs and moved down here with a 4 month old baby. I made the leap, largely based on the confidence your transparence and vulnerability gave me.”